With the 2012 ISDE approaching within the month, videos like this should be training homework for all racers. Even though they didn’t cover a lot of ground in this video, they did show quite a few different angles. You can tell where riders are getting on the gas and where riders are braking. These little changes the riders make are good things to notice when you are traveling to another country to race for six days.

The sand track in this video was nice and silty. It started to get really deep throughout the day, and would even get deeper and more silty throughout a second day of racing. If Germany doesn’t get some moisture in the next few weeks, this could be a good measure to what the terrain will be like during the ISDE.

Things of Note
Two thing I noticed while watching this video. One, there are a ton of two strokes. Two, there was very little audio, so you could really listen to the bikes and how they were being ridden. Both aspects are pure greatness!