Coming up this weekend is Round 3 of the National Enduro Series in Blackwell, Texas. Mike Lafferty, who currently sits second in points, came into Texas a week early to avoid the snow in the north and get some testing in. Lafferty was able to Skype with us from the comfortable abode of Cole Kirkpatrick. We got to talk about the new Husaberg FE350, racing his first TCCRA event and just what it’s like to be a ‘Nine’ Time National Enduro Champ (It’s really eight, but it’s fun to screw stuff up randomly).

Our other guest on the show was Cowboy Kenny. He is from Stillwater, OK and has never given up his cowboy roots. It was interesting to learn about how he met Travis Pastrana, how he started competing in FMX and what it’s like to show up to a roman candle war.

Thanx to great guests for being on the show and remember to always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome! See you next Tuesday.

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Seat Time Episode 78 with Mike Lafferty and Cowboy Kenny