Woody and the Texas crew are back from the 2015 Kenda Tennessee Knock Out. We watched Cody Webb win his third consecutive TKO win, raced in the amateur program and had a heck of a great time.

Cody Webb has become quite the house hold name in the Extreme Enduro market. He doesn’t get too many chances to head to Europe for their hard enduros, so when Jonny Walker was announced to be coming to compete at the2015 Kenda TKO Enduro, we were all excited. The match up was what you would expect. Walker did catch a bug while traveling, trying to fly in and fly out is never a good idea, and we think that certainly had an impact on his performance. Webb was dominant though. Racing is racing and there is never an asterisk in racing. Congrats to Cody Webb, Jonny Walker and Taylor Robert on their podium finishes!

While at the TKO Enduro, we met Hunter Neuwirth. Hunter is a badass and someone you should keep an eye on. His results don’t speak to the heart that this kid puts into racing. He’s already looking for a bike with an e-start so he can attack the course next year with more ferocity. He’s a rippa and a cool kid, keep your eye on him.

2015 Kenda Tennessee Knock Out

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