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     The RevLimiter Extreme Enduro

    1st Annual | Decatur, Texas

The state of Texas has been waiting ten years to remind everyone how great technical racing can be in the Lonestar State. Red Bull’s Last Man Standing started an extreme mindset, but the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro is making sure the tradition continues.

Racers and spectators descended upon Rocky Ridge Ranch near Decatur, Texas, in hopes that the muddy conditions of the 2016 extreme enduros would be behind them. Unfortunately, all hopes were dashed when the rain began coming down late Thursday evening. The once dry, potentially dusty conditions, were soon slick & goopy, adding capital letters to the definitive EXTREME enduro title.




Easily one of the coolest machines seen at the RevLimiter. Unfortunately we didn’t get the story behind the bike or the rider. Be on the look out for a few Winner Take All moments if he’s at the 2nd Annual RevLimiter.


Always love these pan shots.
The focus in the eyes seems to pop due to the blur around the face.


The Revlimiter’s homage to the TKO.


A few pro tips from New England #Rippa Hunter Neuwirth.


The greatest part of having a camera in the woods is watching the riders adjust themselves for the lens!

Thumbs up from the riders and the spectators. Saturday all riders were allowed outside assistance. This allowed the spectators to get involved, giving the A, B,& C riders a bit of a chance to catch their breath. It also allowed all to supply extra amperage to the rides.







After a successful morning race, the Amateurs and Pros took to a shortened course for their hot laps. There were a few added features as well to spice things up for the racers.



Lane Conaway making his way up Week’s Hill.


Ask for pictures and you shall receive!


Week’s Hill didn’t look like an intimidating climb, but it caught quite a few riders off guard.

revlimiter-extreme-enduro husky launch

The pinnacle of “Oh Shit!“.


Colton Pratt has yet to gain the composure and skill of his Uncle Steve Leivan.

Top 5 Amateurs

  1. Keff James
  2. Zack Carter
  3. Broc French
  4. David Lucas Jr
  5. Dale Rector


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Day 2 of the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro saw 62 racers line up. 26 were Pros, while the other 36 were the ones looking for more.


Haydn Franklin, 9-Time TSCEC Champion, awaiting the green flag.



Tyler Anderson, pumping up the jams. His Red Bull rig is SICK!




Hunter Neuwirth attempting to get his borrowed NTX Offroad YZ250 up Root Canal.

Steve Leivan on one of his attempts at Root Canal. The slick mud made it extremely difficult for all the riders.


Jordan Ashburn and his Beta further up the Root Canal hillclimb.


Mitch Carvolth staying focused and upright. The struggle was real.


Quinn Wentzel on his way to Grandma’s House.


Ian Blythe with a little help from his friends at the top of Grandma’s House.


Between the 1st and 2nd races, racers and spectators would warmup, refuel and attempt to dry off.


Hunter was very close to busting his ass before the 2nd race even took off.


To the Left of Carpet Hill was a very serious climb to the top of the ridge. Dry, it might of been fun to ride. Wet, it was a lesson in attrition.



Will Presson, from Tennessee, working to finish the first 1/3 of To the Left of Carpet Hill.

The final race saw four racers make the one and a half hour time limit. Cooper Bailey missed it by 14 seconds, while a few others were minutes off the pace. “Next year” is all you could hear being whispered from their lips.


A very tight, slick crevasse on the final race loop of the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro.


Quinn Wentzel coming through the crevasse on his first lap.


Jordan Ashburn on the lower portion of the final loop. Do his eyes say that he’s tired?


The 1st Annual RevLimiter Extreme Enduro podium, Jordan Ashburn, Mitch Carvolth & Quinn Wentzel. See you next year?

revlimiter-extreme-enduro-sunday-33 ian blythe

Off the podium, but not out of our hearts. Ian Blythe worked hard to earn his 4th place finish.

Top 4 Pros

  1. Jordan Ashburn
  2. Mitch Carvolth
  3. Quinn Wentzel
  4. Ian Blythe


When in Rome.

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