• Oklahoma Vista

    Ellsworth O’Rock Epic Enduro

    Southern Enduro Tour
    Big Cedar, OK

The Southern Enduro Tour came to a momentous close at the Ellsworth O’Rock Epic Enduro. The event was based out of Big Cedar, Oklahoma, a small town nestled in the Ouachita Mountains. Every racer who came with the preconception that an Enduro in Oklahoma would be easy was quickly proven wrong.

The O’Rock Enduro was also the first event in the new IMBA National Enduro Series. A Series that has come about to showcase “different terrain and encourage riders to push their comfort zones”. Talking to the national attendees, they received all the epicness they were expecting from a national level enduro.

Good luck to the national racers as they head to the Big Mountain Enduro in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’d love to cover more enduro’s, please reach out if you have an interest in helping us get to your event!



Awaiting the shuttle

Ozark Spokes & Floats

Directions are important.

Bryan Fawley making sure all riders knew just what to expect on the Friday’s pre-ride.

Enduro Bro

Follow the arrows.

Starting the stage.

Finishing the stage.

One thing that is hard to miss is the focus all the racers showcased. If you let your mind wonder, you’ll quickly be picking yourself up off the ground, pulling sticks from your cheek. Hold on, stay loose and enjoy the ride.

Testing the shoot.

Jumping Rock.

Feet off the pedals, let's get gnarly.

That shuttle life.


The transitions were brutal.

The transitions between the stages were brutal. Helmet off, pushing and pulling your bike uphill was a common sight.


Tupps Texas Shade.

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Tupps Beer, lots of beer.

Tupps Brewery, from McKinney, Texas, was the beer sponsor of the O’Rock Enduro. Their beers were enjoyed ALL weekend!


Race Day 1

Riders Meeting.

The ever important riders meeting. Where every rider feels they know everything, but 10% of them still have questions after.

Loading the shuttle.

Last minute zip ties.

Locked and Loaded.

Making the turn.

Gypsy Lady Red

Always find a way to have fun.

One of the best boosts seen while at "the log".

One of the best boosts we saw while at “the log”.

Do you even tuck bro?


Hydration is a key part of having a successful weekend of Enduro racing. Backpack or fannypack?

This dude was on it all weekend.

Got that sweet lean.

Lunch time shenanigans.

Floating Bike! Lunch time shenanigans.

Dinner at Gibby's Biker Camp.

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Bryan Fawley, mic drop?

Reminders from Fawley that though today was epic, tomorrow will be more epic.


Race Day 2



Killer berm in the middle of Party Rock

Killer berm in the middle of Party Rock

Panning shot for the win.

Gyspy Lady Red

Gyspy Lady Red


Bike maintenance, it's a real thing.

CO2 is so Nu Skool.

The rocks at the O’Rock Epic Enduro were a very real thing. If you were 1psi off, you ran the risk of being on the side of the trail fixing a flat. Many gallons of tubeless sealant were put to use.

Transitions for days.

A small taste of the HWY 1 transitions the racers had to endure to reach the epicness. This is nothing compared to some of the fire roads.

More Cowbell.

Team Trail Party

Metal Motivation.

Scratch and Albert (the van) were giving the motivation needed to the racers to make it to the top of Stage 8. Many hours of metal were making Mother Nature rock out.


Vreeland the Manimal.

Kiwi with the Focus.

The fast line.

Tupps @ the River.

After many, many miles, the event is over. The riders had a quick transition to the last river crossing. There they were treated with a trash can of Tupps beer and a rowdy crowd of cheers!

Industry Nine Swag.

Box Components.

Trophies on display.

Pretty sweet trophies.

The Winnings.

Pro Women

Pro Women w/ Beer

Top 5 Pro Women

  1. Emily Cox
  2. Tandie Bailey
  3. Terri Watts
  4. Syd Schulz
  5. Haleigh Smith

Pro Men

Pro Men w/ Beer

Top 5 Pro Men

  1. Scott Countryman
  2. Jimmy Smith
  3. Brian Lopes
  4. Mason Bond
  5. Ben Hobbs

Scott Champion with the win and all the beer.

Scott Countryman with the win and all the beer.

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