Gary Sutherlin : 2017 NHHA and WORCS Champion
November 13, 2017

Gary Sutherlin : 2017 NHHA and WORCS Champion Even though we have chatted with Gary Sutherlin in the past during our... Read More
Erek Kudla and Jacob Argubright : #218
August 31, 2016

WOW, Erek Kudla, Jacob Argubright and Woody discussed Atlanta Endurocross, The Grassman National Enduro, National Hare and Hound, AMA Congress and…

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#164 : Working Your Way West : Grant Baylor and Gary Sutherlin
April 29, 2015

Grant Baylor made what most would consider a huge switch in bike brands and teams last November. Gary Sutherlin has come…

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Episode 87 : Curls For Days
May 31, 2013

Growing up in a motorcycle shop and starting to ride at the age of 3 is a sure fire way to…

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dirt bike podcast seat time thumbnail for episode 37 with russell bobbitt
Purple Drank for [Russell] Bobbitt : Episode 37
October 5, 2011

National Enduro We’re pretty excited about Russell Bobbitt winning the Muddobbers National Enduro this past weekend. With this win, he edged…

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