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4 Tips to Ride your Dirt Bike Faster w/ Cole Kirkpatrick ​
May 8, 2023

Cole Kirkpatrick helps us take a few steps back from trying to just “ride fast” to create long term fun, balance on the bike, and ways to build up aggression.

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Trim Your Calluses To Help Prevent Blisters and Tears
May 9, 2022

Hand care shouldn’t be ignored so you can claim that you have man hands. Help prevent blisters/tears by trimming your calluses.

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How To Ride Tight Single Track
February 23, 2022

Riding tight single track is a skill of flow. It’s a dance between your weight, the bikes weight, the width and length of the bike, and the trees! Here’s how to do it.

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Dirt Bike rider riding between tight trees on a piece of singletrack.
RESET : Getting Back on the Bike after Time Off
July 20, 2021

When you’re riding your bike after time off, you need to have a reset. You need to have a mindset shift that allows you to prioritize the reasons you’re riding and not trying to be the person you were before you stopped riding.

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Shutter drag picture of a dirt bike rider in the woods.
4 Ways to be a BETTER Dirt Bike Rider!
January 18, 2020

There are many ways to become a better motorcycle rider and most of them only focus on the times you’re physically…

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sand paddle tire installation
Paddle Tire Installation with a bunch of NOOBS
March 8, 2017

Join us March 31-April 2nd at the Little Sahara State Park for our Seat Time Adventures Field Trip. It’ll be a…

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repacking an exhaust fmf racing fly racing tips for the trail
How To Repack An Exhaust : Tips For The Trail
March 29, 2016

Repacking your exhaust comes across as a simple task to accomplish. Though simple in execution, there are a few gotcha’s that…

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cold weather riding gear - tips for the trail - seat time
Cold Weather Riding Gear : Tips For The Trail
February 8, 2016

Being that it’s winter, Cold Weather Riding Gear is very important. Having the correct gear is half the battle, but knowing…

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