The fourth Outerbike of 2018 was in Bentonville, Arkansas, a small city in the Northwest corner of the state that you wouldn’t think was turning in to one of the coolest mountain bike cities in the country.

Everyone we talked to at Outerbike seemed stoked to be there. The boring drudge of Interbike has been washed away from peoples minds when you’re outside riding bikes. The bicycle demos were gone in minutes and vendors seemed to be chatting with attendees non-stop. It seems that the idea behind Outerbike is a success.

The trail systems at Slaughter PenColer Bike Park, Bella Vista and the Back 40 are must ride trails. We rode over 30+ miles in two days and we took it easy. You could easily ride 30+ miles a day if you were so inclined.

If you’re considering going to Northwest Arkansas to go Mountain Biking, DO IT! It’s worth the trip. There’s also stuff for the entire family, so plan a full vacation out of it.