With the holidays just around the corner and 2021 models slowly trickling into dealers worldwide, the question on everybody’s mind is, “What’s new? What’s going to turn things around in my life if I get a brand-new dirt bike?”  We’re here for you with the inside scoop on all the latest features that somehow got left out of the new model brochures, ride impressions, and first looks.


Kailub Russell KTM 350

The 2021 KTMs have a smorgasbord of new features. The most exciting new model is their Kailub Russell Edition 350XCF. This bike comes with all the orange bling, special graphics, and wallet-draining farkles that only Sprinter drivers genuinely deserve.

Another fantastic new feature missing from the ads is that the KTM smartphone tuner app’s latest update includes a KTM-branded version of the game Monopoly.


There are a lot of great things to get excited about on the 2021 green machines. Kawasaki is bringing out an XC lineup, they’re on the juice clutch train, and the latest plastics were developed for Kawasaki’s bullet trains. Yes, the 2021 plastics are rated for 200mph. Obviously, the bikes can’t go that fast, even if they were tied to a bullet train, but it’s good peace of mind to have. 

The underlying story for 2021 that no one is telling you is the recent announcement of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) spinning off their powersports division to make it a leaner and more reactive company means they are going to be doing some great things very soon, and the evidence has been right under our noses.

Jordan Ashburn on his Dad's KDX 200
Jordan Ashburn on his Dad’s KDX 200

That’s right, Jordan Ashburn has been not-so-secretly testing the 2021 KDX models right under our noses at extreme events. It’s the Kawasaki everyone wants – you know it, I know it, and the KTM 300XCW TPI knows it.  And it’s happening in 2021.


What’s not to love about the 2021 Sherco 4-strokes? They have the best suspension, black wheels, and an exhaust system that everyone argues over how to pronounce its name. 

2021 Sherco Motorcycles
How to pronounce Akropovic: https://youtu.be/KpezLupIFGQ

But did you know that when you buy a 2021 Sherco 4-stroke, your garage immediately starts smelling like fresh croissants the moment that bike rolls into it? This bike turns on women more than any Scentsy candle or essential oil currently on the market.

The 2021 Sherco 2-stroke models also have a little talked about feature on the clutch. You put oil in, and it drains out after use as a nice cabernet.

GasGas | New company – Who Dis?

2021 GasGas looks FastFast
2021 GasGas looks FastFast

The fresh new looks of the GasGas aren’t all that’s new on Austria’s red-headed step-child. The 2021 model’s Braketec brakes and its hydraulic clutch are each filled with Spaniard tears. It’s an industry first that’s sure to squeal louder and longer than any other brand. Everyone in the woods knows that if your brakes aren’t squealing, you aren’t going fast. 


2021 Yamaha Motorcycles

The model year 2021 brings great things to your life from Yamaha. You get black fork guards on the 2021 YZ250—a bold statement from the company that has a tuning fork as part of its logo.  Recently it was announced that four Yamaha models are discontinued for 2021, and an inside source tells us that ALL 2021s come with a free Yamaha grand piano! They were able to afford such a buyer’s perk by eliminating the boat anchor bikes and getting a fat Monster Energy sponsorship on their special editions, as well as the savings of untold millions on YZ250 2-stroke development over the last 15 years.


2021 Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki is back, baby! The 2021 RMZ 450s are probably the most exciting things to hit dealer showroom floors in years. Why? Ricky Carmichael. What? Exactly. Apparently, Ricky has been hoarding factory RMZs for over a decade, and his recent exit from the yellow submarine has enabled us mere mortals to ride factory Suzukis. That’s right, “2021” 450s have been here for a decade, sitting at Ricky’s ranch. Suzuki repoed them, slapped on some new plastic, and boom! You get a factory bike! Another remarkable feature about Suzuki’s entire 2021 lineup is that each owner’s manual includes a bankruptcy education section. Brilliant!


2021 Honda Motorcycles

Honda has made great strides in 2021 on their CRF450R with the addition of more buttons on the handlebars, a hydraulic clutch, and an easy access air filter setup. Basically, if you want a new GasGas with proper suspension, save yourself some cash and grab a 2021 Honda 450. Or don’t and buy the ’21 Works edition.

Just look at all the buttons! Off, four power modes, one button activates the Bluetooth enabled VTEC for a major power boost, and the last button activates the built-in speaker that’s mounted behind the front number plate. BEEP BEEP—coming through y’all! 


2021 Beta Motorcycles

For 2021 Beta is celebrating world enduro championships, and we’re celebrating how amazing they’ve become. A few years ago, Beta motorcycles, if left alone in your kitchen overnight, would make you fresh pasta and maybe a pizza on occasion. For 2021 they’ve upped the ante and completely changed the game. Now, if left alone in your kitchen overnight, they’ll turn it into an Olive Garden. Ciao for now!

So there you have it, all the latest updates that no one else is digging deep to give you.  What bike will you choose? What matches your favorite gear? Does it fit in your sprinter? Will your garage ever be the same again?  Choose wisely, the competition in 2021 is going to be tough.