The Penultimate Day, to use a very big word, at the ISDE solidified a win for all three of the French Trophy Teams. With the top four overall coming from the French World Trophy team, they seem to be competing with their own team members more than the other international competitors. The French Junior World Trophy Team has the closest score right now, with Great Britain in second by just over a minute and a half. The French Women’s Trophy Team has the largest lead, just under two hours, over Germany. With only the motocross portion of the Six Days tomorrow, the current standings for the Team Competition are almost certainly finalized.

Australia had a great day today, with Daniel Milner winning two tests (Test Four and Test Eight) and the rest of the team finishing within two minutes of each other. Toby Price, still riding with broken ribs, continues to see top five finishes. Glenn Kearney, who found a torn open knee at the end of Day Three, continues to show the strength of the Australian Team by fighting through the pain and stitches. The Italian Team, who is hosting the ISDE for 2013, is looking to finish third for 2012, having pulled about an 8 minute lead over Finland. Spain is currently in fifth, with the USA under a minute back in sixth.

The Americans had a very exciting day today. Thad Duvall closed a 45 second gap behind Danny McCanney in the Junior Overall to just under a 20 second gap. He has shown great speed and consistency as he has adapted to the racing format and will certainly be a great addition to a future ISDE team. Hopefully there is just enough dirt for Duvall to make up the time on McCanney to secure the Junior Overall. Mike Brown started the day off on a great note, winning the first test, moving him up to 36th. Charlie Mullins continues to race through his aliments, winning Test Three, with Kurt Caselli finishing a close second, his best finish to date for this ISDE. Taylor Robert has slowed just a bit, moving himself back to 17th overall. Russell Bobbitt has moved up a bit from 50th to 47th, while Destry Abbott slipped back a few places to 53rd.

As mentioned above, tomorrow is the Motocross Test of the Six Days. Traditionally there are not many movements in the rankings, but we will see what tomorrow brings. They are referring to the test as more of a Supermoto than Motocross, with 40% pavement and the rest in the woods surrounding Sachsenring. It will feel weird for this experience to come to a close, but it will be fun to celebrate with the victors and mourn with the not victors!