As a dirt bike rider from a dirt bike family, it’s expected that there’ll be some type of dirt bike gift underneath the tree each year. In 2020, Papa Pierce picked up a Fly Racing Tool Pack to give me as a Christmas gift while also gathering many awesome tools to fill it with. It was an ideal gift, and much needed since our little family of riders is growing, and I needed a bigger tool pack (and more tools) to carry while on weekend riding trips. I want to share my initial thoughts on the tool pack with you guys in case it can help you make a decision when you’re in the market for a new one.

FLY Racing Tool Pack spread out with tools.

The Fly Racing Tool Pack has some neat features. Some that stand out include:

  • The left hip pocket opens and expands to carry fuel or water bottles. (Don’t get them mixed up.)
  • The top cover is removable if you don’t need to utilize the clear ‘map’ section (I’m using it for zip ties).
  • There is a mesh pouch that can hold small items and separates sections to keep tools from bouncing around too much.
  • The right hip has straps to clip another small pouch too, maybe a camera, spare GoPro batteries (or a #PintFullOfAwesome)

My Dad has always said to keep your best tools in your tool pack, so they never fail you when you need them most. In keeping with that mindset, he filled the gift box full of Craftsman tools to go along with the tool pack. Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, a 7-piece box wrench set covering all the needed sizes from 8 to 17, and needle-nose pliers — all under the Craftsman banner. He also included a Tusk Racing T-handle that came with 1/4″, 8, 10, 13 mm sockets, JB Weld SteelStik, and a small can of WD-40.

Adding these items is a great start, but a few things are still missing that I’ll need to add to the pack. Duct tape always comes in handy, either a small amount wrapped around the SteelStik or flat duct tape packets or small duct tape rolls. I’ll also need to gather some extra bolts to keep with us. The Trailbound Double Decker Bolt Bag works excellent since there are two compartments for different bikes or different hardware types. I also have the Trailbound Enduro Tow Strap that I’ll add to the mix, which might be needed with one of the kid’s bikes.

When I shared these images on Instagram, I asked my followers for thoughts and other additions. The comments are a wealth of knowledge, so make sure you read through those as well if you’re looking for more ideas on what you might carry. 

Highlighted Additions Needed

One commenter mentioned Wera Tools, and after looking into their products, I am blown away by the quality and how compact their kits are. Since Papa Pierce just spent all this money on the Craftsman tools, I probably won’t upgrade to Wera Tools right away; however, I’ll keep looking at their kits and pull the trigger when it’s time to upgrade or carry something slightly different. 

What did I miss? What do you carry that you’ve found invaluable? Let us know in the comments below.

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