The start of the 2013 TCCRA season kicked off this past weekend in Archer City, TX. Yes, that is in the middle of nowhere and yes, the conditions were strange. 98% of the course was a dust bowl, only the ‘Pin It To Win It’ attitudes were coming away with a win. The other 2% of the course that wasn’t dusty was due to some interesting creek crossing that were, for a lack of better word, muddy. Riders would splash through the creek, get a little wet and drag some water onto the blue grooved course. The water on their gear would give the dust something to stick to and give the appearance that there was anything but small particles of dirt covering everything within a 100 mile radius. The water that was drug onto the track made the blue groove turns quite slippery. The pictures show a ton of dust to contend with, but the course was interesting to say the least.

Caleb Ramsay got the win in the Pro class, followed up by Austin Henderson and Cody Beck. Round 2 will be March 16-17 at Rocky Ridge. Come on out and enjoy the fun!

Photo Credit: Mike Jolley