Hey everyone, I know this is a little late (okay, really late) but I’ve been traveling so try and cut me some slack.

Rachel Gutish – photo credit Anastasia Merkulova

Rachel Gutish – PC: Anastasia Merkulova


The last day and final moto was uneventful for us, which at this point is a pretty good thing. Day 6 was just a 25 or 30 kilometer minute road ride (no trails or anything difficult) out to the motocross track, and then a 4.5 hour wait for our heat to come up. The moto was 7 laps, and lasted maybe 20 minutes tops, if that. The track was pretty sweet – nothing too scary or dangerous, and probably the smoothest terrain we rode all week. I finished 4th, and I believe Jamie was 9th and Mandi 14th, but I won’t swear to it. So yeah, that’s another ISDE in the books: Mandi’s fourteenth event, my fourth, and Jamie’s first. None of us are really satisfied with how we ended up, but that’s okay. There’s always another year, and I expect that our team will come back stronger and better prepared next time. TEAM USA!

Jamie Wells – photo credit Art Peppin

Jamie Wells – PC: Art Peppin

2015 ISDE Final Standings


1) Tayla Jones (AUS)
2) Jemma Wilson (AUS)
3) Jessica Gardiner (AUS)
4) Sanna Karkkainen (FIN)
5) Blandine Dufrene (FRA)
6) Emelie Karlsson (SWE)
7) Rachel Gutish (USA)
8) Audrey Rossat (FRA)
9) Geraldine Fournel (FRA)
10) Jessica Johanson (SWE)
11) Jamie Wells (USA)
12) Marita Nyqvist (FIN)
13) Mandi Mastin (USA)
14) Emmily Smalsjo (SWE)


1) Australia
2) France
3) Sweden
4) Finland
5) USA
6) Slovakia

Jamie Wells – photo credit Art Pepin

Jamie Wells – PC: Art Pepin

Jamie Wells – photo credit XC-lent Adventure

Jamie Wells – PC: XC-celent Adventure

Mandi Mastin – photo credit Mark Kariya

Mandi Mastin – PC: Mark Kariya

Mandi Mastin – Photo Credit Mark Kariya

Mandi Mastin – PC: Mark Kariya

Mandi Mastin – photo credit Mark Kariya

Mandi Mastin – PC: Mark Kariya

Rachel Gutish – photo credit  Art Peppin

Rachel Gutish – PC: Art Peppin

Rachel Gutish – photo credit Janik Knittle

Rachel Gutish – PC: Janik Knittle

photo credit – Shan Moore/Dirt Rider Photo Gallery

PC: Shan Moore/Dirt Rider Photo Gallery

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