Aaron Gwin is a dominant force when it comes to racing a mountain bike downhill as fast as you can. He’s a four time UCI Downhill World Cup Champion and seems to still be getting faster.

2016 brought the most amount of changes we have seen to Aaron Gwin’s program throughout his professional downhill career. He left Specialized after a winning year, helped put together his own team with a bike brand who wasn’t proven yet on the World Cup circuit, and then added in a plethora of brands people immediately questioned. After winning the overall again in 2016, we think it’s safe to say Aaron Gwin knows what he is doing on and off the track when it comes to R&D, testing and training.

YT (Young Talent) is the brand we mentioned above. They are still a relatively new brand to all of mountain biking, not just downhill. The bike Aaron Gwin rode is a full stock Tues, which seems crazy, but also awesome that they have created a showroom floor racer.

Listening to Aaron talk about how the team all came together makes us wish it were always that easy. Sounds like he got the right people in the right places and magic happened.

We, of course, thank Aaron Gwin immensely for taking some time out of his time off from racing to chat with us. It will be fun to watch their 2017 plans evolve and come to fruition.

Enjoyed us chatting with Aaron? Let us know what other type of professional badasses you would like us to have on the show and we’ll make it happen.

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