Ami Houde is a hot commodity in the Canadian Motocross Scene; and for some folks in the American Motocross Scene (mainly the ones that Google stalk) she is somewhat of a Social Media celebrity. Ami has been racing in Canada for over 20 years, but her more recent success has come from her YouTube videos.

Ami is a quirky, fun-loving young lady from Winnipeg, Manitoba; where apparently there is in fact a Motocross scene. She and her friend Jamie (who is also easy on the eyes and races dirt bike), started a YouTube Channel that is home to “Ami & Jamie’s Motocross Adventures”. They document their travels around to Supercross races and local dirt pits they ride at. The good thing is they are indeed funny, they have good ideas, and they execute them in a fun and watchable fashion.

One feature that Ami has working for her is that she is easy on the eyes. But there is more than a good looking face and body that keeps this girl ticking. She is driven by her love of Motocross and all things that are involved. This love and interaction has helped propel her into a main stream social media role. It will be interesting to see what she has up her sleeve for the future and how her career evolves.

We at Seat Time will keep up with Ami and see if we can meet up in the future to collaborate on our Awesomeness. We thank her for her time and look forward to next time! Thanks for watching, and remember to always Enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome.

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