Though Nambotin and Meo were crowned Champions before the ISDE in September, Renet and Sanaz had to wait for the last round to claim their titles.

It’s pretty amazing to see what the French riders have done this year. Meo wins the E1 class and Nambotin wins the E3 class, all before the ISDE in Germany. This past weekend, another French rider, Pela Renet, won his class, E2, in front of a home crowd. With Meo, Nambotin and Bellino all riding for fanfare at the last round, Renet had to stay consistent and not lose and valuable time. He did what he needed to do, but it took till the last day to really edge out his competition.

Congrats to all the EWC Champions! I’m sure after this year at the World Enduros and at the ISDE that the rest of the world will be going back to the drawing board to see how they can bring the French some competition for 2013.