First weekend of 2013 and we are already out riding, it’s a great way to start the New Year. TORO held Round 5 of the Series in Bridgeport, TX and with all the snow and rain we received during Christmas and New Year’s, the ground was full of moisture and primed for some two wheeled action.

You are riding along with me, Brian Pierce, and I am following Carter York. The video is a tad long but there were too many fast, flowy sections to trim it down. I have no idea what the knocking sound is, I am just glad I am still have my camera.

Sunday was race day and Cole Kirkpatrick came away with another win. Drew Higgins was said to be close most of the race, but looped out on a blue line causing him to DNF. Cody Beck rode another strong race to second place and Caleb Ramsay charged back from the dead last to third.

The Bonita 100 is this coming weekend and Round 6 of TORO is the following weekend at Bonita. Only chance you will get to ride the trails at Bonita without a few phone calls. Head on out, enjoy the weather and jump some wicked jumps.

Helmet Cam at Bridgeport TORO