We were lucky enough to be joined by Jason Weigandt, of Racer X, for our last show of 2013. He has opinions, enjoys to talk and can always be found ready for a good rowing competition.

We reached out to Weege to chat with him about some topics he talked with Steve Matthes about on The Steve Matthes Show. It was an interesting statement about how select sports like Endurocross could be their own worst enemy. It’s an interesting discussion.

We had some 2014 discussions as well. With most of the riders in the off road world having announced their rides and teams for 2014, it was fun to bench race about how they are going to do.

Thanx again for another great year of Seat Time. 2013 is a wrap and we’ll see you next time online for 2014. Remember to enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and take advantage of our Free Shipping offer!

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