This week we were visited by three different members of the Industry. Kailub Russell joined us from the East Coast, as he is currently traveling through Georgia on his way to Florida, Erek Kudla was outside a Starbucks, prepping for a coffee as he borrowed their WiFi and Toby Price was at the KTM shop in Marietta preparing to leave for the San Felipe 250 this weekend in Mexico. Surprisingly on our end, we didn’t have too many technical issues, but apparently the streaming wasn’t so hot for our viewers. Hopefully we can get that sorted out with Ustream and be back with a solid performance in no time.

So points of mention are Russell’s arm pump surgery, Kudla’s new Off-Road Series called Get Extreme and Price’s accent. Price’s accent may not be the winner here, but since he sounds sexy we wanted to point it out in case any hot ladies might be checking out the site.

Enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and we’ll see you next week as we prepare for the start of the 2013 GNCC Season!

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Seat Time Episode 75 with Kailub Russell, Toby Price and Erek Kudla