Jesse Groemm Talks Beta/KTM, Matt gives us insight into the 2016 Tough Like RORR Event and Woody & Papa Pierce have some safety concerns.

A few weeks ago, Beta USA sent out a press release stating that they had parted ways with Jesse Groemm. It came as a shock to many of us outside of the main racing family. It’s an interesting situation though, since we have seen quite a few racers come and go quickly from the Beta USA family.

Jesse Groemm talks us through what he was changing on the Beta, and how he got his KTM so quickly ready to race. A second at the tomahawk GNCC and a third at the Huntersville National Enduro showcases that he has quickly adapted to the change in machinery.

Matt Reber comes on next to talk about the 2016 Kenda Tough Like RORR event, which riders are coming and what we should expect to see. With riders like Max Gerston, Kyle Redmond and more in the mix, we know it’ll be a tough, competitive event.

Lastly, Woody and Papa Pierce dive into some safety issues. Some viewers asked for Woody to talk a bit about the Baja 500 events, which resulted in three dead, an 8 year old spectator and two moto competitors. It’s best to listen, but SCORE needs to step it up. Just because Mexico has relaxed laws on safety doesn’t mean they should care about those around or on the course.

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