Ryan Sipes, James Curry from Tube Saddle and Gary Sutherlin join Caleb Ramsay and Woody on the couch for episode #202 of Seat Time. Ryan Sipes is on a new team and has won the overall at the ISDE; he’s a certified badass. James Curry has invented the Tube Saddle, a new product to help you run less pressure in your tubes and get less pinch flats. Gary Sutherlin had a head on collision, had to have multiple surgeries and then won Round 2 of the National Hare and Hound Series. We chat about it all.

Ryan Sipes has steadily been gaining ground at the GNCC Series since he started racing offroad three years ago. He’s now on the new Coastal Racing team as their premiere XC1 racer. He’s supported by Layne Michael and Craig Delong in the XC2 class. He’s had a more consistent start to his fourth professional offroad year racing the GNCC’s. Great to see him already battling for the podium.

The Tube Saddle is a new product on the market that helps you run less air pressure and get lets pinch flats. Sounds magical, and it quite possibly could be. James Curry invented this over years of racing and riding offroad. This sounds like a great alternative, at a great price point, to some of the other options on the market.

Gary Sutherlin is our official representative for badassery. He is the industry’s working class hero. When he had he’s wreck right before christmas, we were heart broken. Luckily the industry helped him out with a GoFundMe campaign for some of his medical bills. He’s now ‘fully recovered’ and winning races again. Listen to his story, it’s an interesting one.

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