Yammie Noob runs a great motovlogging channel on YouTube, so he’s a great guest. Brady won the Badassery Award for Seat Time Adventures 2.0 and Woody is just excited to be back on the couch.

We met Yammie Noob while in Austin at the recent YouTube Creator Day. Seat Time has done just good enough to get us invited. Thanks to our fans for getting us there!

Brady Davis was ine of the riders who attended Seat Time Adventures 2.0. We also awarded him the Badassery Award for this year trip. If you can’t tell from the show, he’s a kick ass dude who aded a great dynamic to the event.

More from Seat Time Adventures 2.0 to be posted on adventures.seattime.co.

Reminder that it’s available on iTunes and Stitcher as well.

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