Here is the second test from the Cross Timbers National Enduro. At this point, we knew I was a tad faster than Patrick so I started behind Russell Bobbitt, second in the pecking order. You can also tell from this video that Bobbitt is still a crap ton faster than I am.

This test was much faster than the first. I was still trying to get settled on the Sherco and hadn’t quite figured out how to ride it into the fast, flowing turns. This is easy to tell with how I was coming out of the first fast fews turns.

Thanx for watching and keep coming back to the site for more fun. The first TORO race is this weekend. We plan to have a bit more of a fun edit for the next Riding with Woody segment!

Check out of the first part of Riding with Woody if you haven’t had a chance to check it out.