In today’s world of mainstream editing programs and prosumer high-definition cameras, it’s fairly easy to create a three or four minute video synched to the beat of your favorite song. From there, the easiest route is to upload it to a social network and hope it gets more than a 100 views. Well, that course of action is nowhere close to the process that Redtide Pictures went through to create their latest feature, What !s. It’s the sequel to What !f. This effort is a true experience into what a sequel should be; bigger, bolder and more awesome.

Wiley Watson and crew added more riders and more locations to this offering. It’s obvious they also brought along a good production plan to the shoots. To create a movie such as What !s, you can’t just rely on a few talented riders and a good camera angle. You have to plan, prep and execute. Permits have to be received for locations and licenses must be attained for music. Just thanking a city for using their streets or citing the name of an exploited song doesn’t cut it when you are trying to make money on such a venture. Little nuances, such as those just mentioned, are what make creating a film like What !s such an accomplishment for the team at Redtide Pictures.

The riders and locations chosen for this sequel were spot on. So many of the riders have hidden talents or unknown backstories. These seldom surface in the action sports media coverage of today. Adding a bit of a documentary feel to this film gave the riders a chance to explain what riding means to them and how it has impacted their life. It really express’ how similar we all are as riders and that we do it for the same reasons, these guys just do it at a level far beyond the reach of mere mortals.

As I stated in the video review, this movie doesn’t make we want to drop everything, load up and rip up some single track. But it does confirm all the feelings I have about why I ride and why an offroad film would appeal to me. This video is for anyone who enjoys dodging trees, skimming the ever present mud puddles and throttling over the top of some sand wash. It’s definitely worth the time and money.

What !s can be found on iTunes and Google Play for download or on DVD for purchase on the website. Thank you to the creative minds behind this film and the sponsors who backed it.