Wil Hahn is a Texas transplant, originally from Kansas, that we Texans have adopted as our own. He currently races for the Geico Honda team on their wicked awesome Honda CRF 250. This past weekend was Round 8 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at the Washougal MX Park in Washougal, WA. Wil showed some great speed in both motos, but his best finish was a 5th in Moto 1. Moto 2 was not what he was looking for results wise, with a crash that set him back. But he is showing some very fast speed and with a little bit of consistency throughout the day, he will certainly be a top five for life.


wil hahn geico honda

Wil had just finished his daily bike ride before we spoke, so he was a tad tired – which is understandable. We were hoping for a bit more energy out of the Texas young gun, but next time for sure. We have threatened him with showing up at his house for a full on Seat Time episode if he doesn’t start cracking jokes soon. I’m sure he will see the error in his ways and bring it at Southwick. We hope he sticks to his promise and gives Seat Time a shout out on the podium!

Thanks for the fun Wil. Hope you guys enjoy these interviews. They will start to show up in iTunes shortly and on Stitcher as well. Please follow us for more fun and for a Pint Full of Awesome!