I could do what is more traditional when posting an internet video by just adding some fluff about the video to try and get you to read it, but for this, I need to do better. There are some things people need to take away from this video and I would like to point them out.

One, this chick is hot, and she knows it. She didn’t edit in that section of her taking off her jersey to piss off her dad. She did that to suck guys like me into watching the video 5 times in the next hour. Oh, and then there is the section of her pushing her bike out of the shop. You think that awesome boob shot was an accident; Doubt It!

Two, this chick can ride. It was awesome to see how excited she was after making that triple. I can remember the first triple I hit (and we’re not talking off the toilet seat here) and I screamed like a girl (go figure). There is something about jumping that scares the crap out of me, but she takes it on like a boss (to use her words here). Maybe I need to call her up and see if she will give me riding lessons like she did for all those old men with their vintage bike. I would certainly let her rub my rear fender while rubbing her moto ass all over my saddle.

Three, she can not dance. I was born in 1979, so you could say I ‘grew up’ in the 90’s, but I don’t remember all the actual names for the dance moves we attempted. I highly doubt she could name them either, but that doesn’t scare her away. She will bust out a dance move like a fish flopping around on dry ground. But do we mind, NO! Because if we go back to #1, she is hot.

I am glad I found this video today. It gives me multiple reasons to enjoy the rest of my day. I got to see a hot chick ride a dirt bike, I saw an old man get his rear fender rubbed and I got to listen to Katy Perry. If that doesn’t equal the start to a great day, you should probably go back to sleep and start over.