For those of you that do not understand what the ISDE is, it is the Olympics of Enduro racing. The International Six Day Enduro is not just a test of how fast a rider is on unknown terrain. It is a test of how well a rider can endure a varying degree of changing terrain over hours of riding their machine without mechanical difficulties. You have to find a way to ride 100% while keeping it on two wheels and all pieces intact. But before the racers can get their bikes out of impound, the Opening Ceremonies are the first challenge for the riders. They have to smile, they have to wave and they have to appel to a crowd of hundreds of fans to start off the week.

Team USA does all of this without a moments hesitation. All the riders have been in front of crowds before and they know all to well how to treat a crowd. With our media pass, we were able to catch some behind the scene shots of Team USA as they were preparing for the Opening Ceremonies. Hopefully these pictures are able to quell your thirst for the action shots to come.