We awoke this morning to rain, and knowing how quickly our heads dropped in disappointment, I am sure the riders were none to happy. The tests for Day Three and Four were not the kind of tests that you want to have moisture on. There were a lot of exposed roots and rocks after yesterday and the moisture from the rain would make those sections very slippery. There were also plenty of low spots for water to collect and mud to form. The first grass track was canceled due to the amount of water and mud on the course. All other tests were run, the riders swapping gloves and exchanging goggles throughout the day.

Team USA seemed to have another interesting day. Charlie Mullins was seen slowly finishing test five, with what looked like a limp left arm. He had a very slow test six and seven compared to yesterday, but won test eight. So something certainly happened. Thad Duvall has really shown his strength and consistency, gaining 30 seconds on the Junior leader, Danny McCanney, and moving up to 22nd Overall. Kurt Caselli seems to be moving up and down the ranks, as Taylor Robert stays consistently in the Top 15. Mike Brown, Russell Bobbitt and Destry Abbott are still upright, but you can tell the days are wearing on them.

The French World Trophy team is still in the lead, keeping the Top Four Overall individual spots. Australia has slipped a bit, but stills holds second over Italy. Finland has picked the pace up a bit, taking the fourth spot from Spain. Sweden is now in sixth place, four minutes ahead of the USA, who has slid back to seventh.

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