David Knight, four times World Enduro Champion and two times GNCC Champion, has a list of accomplishments that certainly should be honored (honoured if you’re in Europe). He will hold records within the Offroad Community well past his time on earth. But outside of the Offroad Community, there are only a few people who would know who David Knight is and what he has accomplished throughout his life. Unless you are from the Isle of Man and keep David Knight in a special place in your life, your pocket.

David Knight MBE (Member of the British Empire) has been placed on a Manx 50p coin celebrating his accomplishments and the Sport of Enduro Motorcycle. The legal tender is being sold as a Collectors Pack that is to include a “genuine piece of ‘knobbly’ tyre”. The coins are available now through the Isle of Man Post Office.

My Take

David Knight is awesome. He is a well rounded offroad racer who has proved himself at the ISDE, WEC, Endurocross, GNCC and the British Sprint Enduro’s only to name a few. But who would have thought he would have wound up on a coin of legal tender. Here in the states you have to have been someone of political importance and have been dead for a number of years. There is no chance in any immediate future that we would have a dirt bike rider on any form of coin, legal tender or not. I do recall wooden nickels when I was growing up. Maybe that is a possibility for some of our greatest racers of all time. If nothing else, maybe Troy Lee can bring back those little flags from 2011 and place racers faces on those.

In all seriousness, I had to buy this the moment I found out about it. I am a huge David Knight fan and this will easily go to the front of one of my moto memorabilia shelves to collect dust with the rest of my collection. I will rest easy knowing that I can pull it down one day to annoy my grandkids while reliving the old days through story and ‘braaap’ noises!

Purchase your own coin, I’m not giving mine up.