When I started writing this, I was holding down my couch, piecing together some last minute HTML and CSS for work and all I could think about was what I have yet to do to prepare myself for my upcoming adventure. I was two days away from leaving for Germany to help Jason Hooper cover the 2012 Red Bull ISDE in Saxony, Germany. Combined, we consider ourselves best friends with everyone on Team USA (please note: I am the founder and President of the Kurt Caselli fan club!) and the perfect guys to make sure that the States are well supplied with news, pictures and videos from this year’s event. Although I’ve been preparing for this trip for weeks, the dreaded “what am I going to forget?” feeling keeps haunting my dreams during my last nights in the USA.

Another issue that keeps coming up is how I am going to cover this year’s ISDE. In the past I really haven’t been a “media” person. I’ve always been the fan searching throughout the Internet for news on what the tests are like and how Team USA is doing. My first reaction is to give everyone the news that I was always looking for. Lately there have been a few companies coming over for the ISDE that have been putting together high production videos that really give the viewer a feel for the terrain and what the riders are going through. But I wanted to dig a little deeper.

So I decided to focus my energy on all aspects of Team USA as many of them experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Just like all teams at the ISDE, Team USA is made up of a Trophy Team, a Junior Team, a few Club Teams, plus all the family members, mechanics and other random people (like myself) that it takes to make this Team tick. Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on guys like Jeff Fredette, who is racing in his 32nd ISDE, or dive a bit more into the story of the father and son team from Denton, TX, the Storries, and even give the women some coverage because they certainly deserve it.

My goal is to have fun and be myself as I share all of our experiences in Germany during the next week. Hopefully we will all learn a bit more about the ISDE, Team USA and what it takes to put an effort like this together. Always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and be sure to check out Seat Time (“Doing it for the fans” – Todd Slavik)!