Aftermarket parts for your dirt bike fall into two categories, Performance and Aesthetics. As a rider, you are either buying these new parts to get more performance out of your bike, or you are finding a way to make it look more awesome. Of course, there are parts you can buy that do both, they add performance value and they add some bling to your steed.

The Nihilo Rear Brake Tip, for KTM’s, is just that part. With it’s anodized orange coloring and super sharp teeth, it adds some serious bling to a small part and adds some serious bite to your rear brake tip if the stock one seems a bit weak for you.

Why would you buy this part?

This is a part you would buy if the stock KTM rear brake tip just doesn’t seem to have enough grip for you. Being a thin, stamped piece of steel, the stock tip can seem to be a bit underwhelming. And due to its thin nature, it can easily get bent and mangled by trail debris.

The Nihilo brake tip is a machined piece of aluminum, which adds strength to an integral part. Nihilo also added some very serious teeth to the brake tip. Regardless of the age of your boots, you should have no issues slipping off the rear brake when coming into a turn way too hot.

Another feature of this brake tip, it looks freaking stellar. The anodized orange will certainly raise the blood pressure of any KTM owner. After opening the package and tightening the two bolts, a sense of rising horsepower can be felt.

Overall Thoughts

If you are the rider who is tired of taking off the stock brake tip and working it into some semblance of it former self, this part is for you. If you feel like the stock brake tip just doesn’t grip your boot well enough, this part is for you. If adding a sweet anodized part to your KTM will make you feel better about your bike and make you think you ride faster, this part is certainly for you.

We have bolted this brake tip to our 2013 KTM 300XC and will be testing this part in the wild. We will have a ride report up soon. Please comment below if you have any experience (good or bad) with using this product.