ISDE 2015 Women’s World Trophy Team Update: Day 3

Jamie Wells

No comment. Haha, kidding, I just don’t really like interviews. We survived again and we’re all still moving. [Even] better, none of us dropped points or burned the checks like yesterday, which is a good thing. I think some of the other riders might have dropped a few here and there, so there’s a good chance we gained a little time. My day was pretty smooth, although I did hit a ditch heading up one of the hills and banged my arm up a little after going over the handlebars. To make matters worse, I ripped my gas cap vent hose off, so I had gas spilling all over my seat most of the day. I didn’t lose any time because of it though, I rolled through with a minute to spare. I’m gonna ice my arm up good tonight and see how it feels tomorrow. Either way, I’m still going strong and ready to ride tomorrow.

Rachel Gutish

Things are better than they have been the past two days. Yesterday I was kind of an idiot again – I got panicked and burned a check (went through early) and received a time penalty on top of the one from yesterday, so I wasn’t really a happy camper. Plus in that same panicked frenzy, I almost took out the entire French team’s easy-up [as] well as some of the metal barricades in the pit area. As a result, I got a warning for speeding in the pits, and was called Ricochet Rabbit (apparently an old cartoon) for the remainder of the day. Today though, I didn’t do anything too terribly stupid (I did get in a fight with a thorn-bush though), and made it through the day with my score mostly intact. I checked results, and it looks like we didn’t make up time the way I hoped we would, but I am definitely satisfied that our team finally seems to be firing on all cylinders.

Mandi Mastin

I agree with my two teammates that today was much better. I finished with no trail points or penalties, which I’m pretty happy about, since I’ve dropped quite a few over the last couple days. Because of this, my overall finish for the day (not cumulatively, but for day three) improved quite a bit. I got both tires changed in the evening work period, so I’ll be rolling on brand new rubber tomorrow; that’s pretty important given what some of the off-cambers in tomorrow’s tests look like. I just finished taking an epsom salt bath, to fight soreness, and it really worked – don’t even feel like I rode.

Current Standings


1) Tayla Jones (AUS) 2:48:27
2) Jemma Wilson (AUS) 2:53:52
3) Jessica Gardiner (AUS) 2:54:59
4) Sanna Karkkainen (FIN) 2:57:25
5) Blandine Dufrene (FRA) 3:01:27
6) Emelie Karlsson (SWE) 3:04:07
7) Audrey Rossat (FRA) 3:07:47
8) Geraldine Fournel (FRA) 3:09:14
9) Rachel Gutish (USA) 3:11:46
10) Jessica Johanson (SWE) 3:17:10
11) Jamie Wells (USA) 3:18:56
12) Marita Nyqvist (FIN) 3:27:00
13) Emmily Smalsjo (SWE) 3:32:10
14) Mandi Mastin (USA) 3:41:24


1) Australia 5:41:11
2) France 6:08:20
3) Sweden 6:21:17
4) Finland 6:24:25
5) USA 6:30:43
6) Slovakia 12:00:00 (out of race – all riders retired)