Hey everyone! I made it to Slovakia safely, although we definitely got a little lost trying to find our way out of Budapest. We made it here okay, and that’s the important part.


Pretty sick view from the hotel room, eh?

We got in too late yesterday to get much of anything done, but today was pretty productive. We went out to the paddock/parc ferme (staging area) to get the lay of the land and work on the bike. The team USA pits are down near the UK and Aussie pits, which is kind of nice, since we all speak the same language.


Tean USA Parc Ferme

First thing we did as soon as we got there was go buy our special Eco-tires (required by the FIM for the event due to European environmental regulations). I only mention it because I really like the giant blue Metzler elephants, and I got to drive this sick tire cart from the Metzler tent back to the team USA pits. I was really hauling on the 50cc quad. So much for being a dignified and professional representative of the US, hahahaha.


The mystery blue elephants


50cc can still get you into trouble

We were actually able to completely unpack the bike and get it put together in one day, which is pretty rare. I forgot to get a picture of it all finished. Oh well.


Un-crating has begun


Pure sandwich eating bike intimidation

Although saying ‘we’ is kind of misleading. I mostly sat in the corner and did homework all day :/ The inside of our shipping container under one of the workbenches ended up being a pretty good place for it.


The Team USA ‘suitcase’. What we live out of for two weeks.

I did take a break to get the testing done though – the bike is completely ready to go! We don’t impound the motorcycle until Saturday, so we’re in good shape. I’ll be spending the next couple days walking the special tests (timed sections) and maybe some of the tougher trail sections (there’s a couple spots labeled “interesting”; Should be, well, interesting. I’d best go take a quick look so I’m not caught unawares later). I’ve got this handy little map here, hopefully I will manage to actually make it where I’m supposed to be at. We’ll see.


Walking Test… It’s part of the job.

So far all is well, and there have been no major problems, which is definitely something to be grateful for!