Starting off the fourth week of 2013 brought us a lot of racing in the off-road world. On the west coast, we saw the WORCS Series start off their season at Canton Creek MX in Peoria, AZ and the Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship kicked off in Lucerne Valley, CA. The east coast brought us news of Charlie Mullins winning Round 1 of SORCS in Wrens, GA.

When it comes time to discuss the racing that went on, what better way than to have the racers themselves. Robby Bell, second place finisher at the WORCS event, and Russell Bobbitt, second place finisher at SORCS, will be on this evening to give insight on the beginning of their year, their offseason and what they are expecting for 2013.

We will go live at 8pm Central time on the Seat Time website ( and the chat room will be open for all who would like to ask questions and talk with our guests. We will start the show off with the ‘What are you drinking’ segment, so make sure you share your beverage of choice on twitter with the hashtag #seattime_live to @seattime_co so we can delve into some of the finer points of H2O versus Over21.

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Seat Time Episode 70 w/ Robby Bell and Russell Bobbitt