Their instructions say to let the chews dissolve in your mouth for better absorption. Not sure why they’re called chews then, but here we are.

I used them as a top off as I started my rides. I still leveraged BPN Electrolytes in my EVOC Sports hip pack. Taste was good, & they dissolved well.

I don’t think they’re the right tool for a solo electrolyte plan. They’re great for topping off at the start of a ride, or maybe after a lunch break. The FastChews seem like a great emergency cramping kit because the bag is sealable, & shelf life seems good. I would keep them in your bar bag or butt pack for the sweaty days when you feel the cramps begin to start because you rode more than hydrated.

If you don’t use any electrolytes, YES, start here! Enjoy #GettingSeattime & Stay #Stoked! 🤘🏻🤙🏻⚡️

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