We have been talking with the six members of Team USA as they prepare to jump on a plane and head to Germany for the 2012 ISDE. Here are Taylor Roberts answered to our questionnaire. Make sure you check back for more posts from the other team members. We are boarding our plane for Germany this coming Thursday, so be prepared to follow us along the way!

Taylor Robert

In preparation for the ISDE in Germany, what has been your main focus of training?

My training actually has a lot of variety in it so I didn’t train much different. Destry and I did go over to Caselli’s house and we rode about 400 miles in 3 days and then did a day of moto. That was cool because half the team was there and we treated it like a mini 6 days.

What type of test sections do you feel you will excel at and what type of sections will you have to dig deepest in?

I feel I am a pretty versatile rider so I really enjoy all of it. Although I do have a background in motocross and WORCS so I tend to do really well in the tests that are faster.

Which teammate do you think is going to make this year’s ISDE an awesome experience?

I think all of us are important to the team and we all get along which will make the whole experience fun. I am really honored to be a part of what I think is one best teams the USA has ever put together.