The Extreme Sport WannaBes reached out and wanted to know if I would like to try out their action camera chin mount that they have been working on. I’ve been using the Dango Designs Gripper Mount for a long time, but thought it was time to try some new products to make sure I wasn’t being short sighted and missing a great GoPro chin mount.

The WannaBes chin mounts are 3D Printed and helmet specific. The one they sent for my Fly Racing F2 Helmet looks to have an appropriate fit. They sent an alcohol pad to clean the helmet, which is a nice addition, since the helmet needs to be clean for a snug fit with the 3M Sticky pads.

Chin mount in front of a full face helmet

I tested the GoPro Hero 9 above the mount screw and below the mount screw. I’ve been enjoying the lower angle with the GoPro upside down, so I kept it in the “hanging” position for this first ride. After looking at the footage, if you have your camera in this upside position and at the end range of motion in the mount, you can capture a good amount of the bars with the trail. I dig that.

After many years of playing around with different ways to mount a GoPro, on the helmet always seems to be best. Mounting a GoPro, or any action camera for that matter, on your chest doesn’t work as consistently since we quickly move our bodies around in so many different directions. The helmet stays more consistent with where we are looking, while our body moves to shift our weight. If you’ve wiggled through tight single track, you know your body can go one way while your handlebars can lean the opposite direction. Your eyes, head and helmet should follow where you want to go through the trees, not where your body is facing.

Top view of the WannaBes chin mount on an F2 Helmet

Quick Thoughts

This looks to be designed to get you the best angle when you want to have a chin mounted camera. Being that your mount is helmet specific, it’s extremely stable on your helmet and the footage angle captured is more consistent than when you have a removable mount.

What is weird though is that it isn’t removable. I think you have to be ok with that. It doesn’t add much “sexy factor” to your helmet when a camera isn’t attached. Also, how durable is the mount? Is the PLA used in their 3D process going to stand the test of time? If you’ve seen me ride, you know I’ll fall face first many times in rides to come. I am actually more worried about the tabs breaking when a camera isn’t attached and helmet is in a gear bag or randomly getting placed face down (i.e. Falling off the handlebars when we’re not looking). The chin mount does have a lifetime warranty. So if anything does happen, reach out to the Wannabes to get that taken care of. 

Chin mount on helmet in the gear bag.

Last thing, I wish the 3D Printing process used was smoother. Having no idea what it takes to make that happen, I’m sure it’s a Min-V approach to get a product to market so iterations and adjustments can be done promptly.

All riding footage captured for the foreseeable future will be with this action camera mount. I’ll keep you up to date on how it holds up and if/when I decide to move on.

More pictures of the chin mount on Instagram.