At Round 3 of the Endurocross Series, we saw Trystan Hart go 1-1-1 for his first overall of the 2021 season. He was in control of each race throughout the evening. Even when he started from the second row in the second Super Endurocross moto, he still quickly made his way to the front to control the race. He was excited, far from “pissed” and sounds ready for Prescott.

The Endurocross tracks have continued to evolve as the 2021 Series has progressed. They have had more dirt to utilize, which has brought more elevation to the track, along with more technical features. This has slowed the racers down, keeping them from jumping and from finding a decent flow. It has also elevated the quality of racing we’re enjoying. Hopefully when Endurocross finds itself in a concrete floor arena again, they can purchase more dirt to continue the elevation trend.

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2021 Endurocross Round 3 Overall Results
2021 Endurocross RD3 Overall Results

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