To kick off 2021, we’re bringing back a few podcasts to the Seat Time ecosystem. The January episode for this endeavor is with the dirt bike training platform Enduro Method.

Enduro Method is a new training platform to help you be able to enjoy your time riding your bike that much more. Some of us don’t get the opportunity to move as much as we should throughout the week before we throw our legs over a bike for the weekend. Enduro Method is here to help you move throughout the week and be primed for a long weekend of getting seat time.

Discount Code: seattime50
Half-off your first month of Enduro Method.

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Why I Ride Project

With the Why I Ride Project, we want to collect your stories and share them with the world. We all ride for different reasons, but we want riders worldwide to see we are one big connected family, whether on the track or trail or bench racing with friends and family on long weekends.

To be considered, fill out this form. It’s best if you go as in-depth as possible with your answers. After we comb through the submissions, we’ll reach out to potential winners to ask more questions and start collaborating.