Skyler Howes recently announced that he has joined the Monster Energy Honda Rally Team (Rally Team HRC). His rally contract with Husqvarna Motorcycles ended early, with both sides deciding to go separate directions. This new opportunity with Honda allows Howes to keep growing in rally, while also looking for four wheel racing and adventures.

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The rally season didn’t start off as planned for Skyler Howes though. He had a massive get off at the Rally of Morocco during the prologue. The airbag recorded that his head hit the dirt at 25g’s, which is a CRAZY amount of g-forces. The extent of his injuries weren’t as bad as they could have been. Howes is already back to light training, expecting to start rally training again soon.

The idea of doing what Howes did, racing Rally as a privateer, is a dream for many. We discuss the costs it would take to make that dream a reality. The Malle Moto class sounds fun, but you’d need to be ready to beat yourself up while spending a huge chunk of change. I’ll say it now though, I’m in!

Nutrition and hydration are also an important part of being at the top of your game for rally racing. The amount of calories they consume, and the fact that they use condom catheters, was a lot to take in. I eat a ton of calories now, but for a race like the Dakar Rally, I’d have to really step my game! New video idea, test out different condom catheters (maybe not).

Huge congrats to Skyler Howes on his signing with Team HRC Rally. He’s riding a works factory rally bike, and looking to win the Dakar Rally. We wish him the best. We also hope there’s a chance to ride his rally bike in the future. We can all dream, right!!!

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