There’s no denying that Trystan Hart is now one of the top Hard Enduro racers around the world. He’s been riding for the FMF KTM Factory Offroad Racing Team since 2020, all while steadily gathering podiums, building confidence, and winning high profile events. It was fun to hear him describe himself as steady, and someone like Billy Bolt as Flashy. I very much agree!

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This podcast episode dug a bit deeper in the back story of Trystan and his early motocross journey. It was cool to hear that Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross was once on his family’s radar. An unfortunate femur injury kept that from happening, but it did give us some humorous discussions about full-body casts. Something that’s also cool to see is that he recently launched a book, Hard Enduro Hero, that’s now available on Amazon. I hope this book gives younger audiences a way to see they can accomplish whatever dream they have with some hard work, dedication, and staying focused on being authentic to themselves.

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Thank you Trystan Hart for your time! It’s been a pleasure to watch you grow through the ranks of Endurocross and Hard Enduro. Excited to see where your racing takes you!

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