Ryan Sipes is a long time motorcycle racer. If you look at his official results in The RacerX Vault, 2004 is his first documented race. We’re almost 20 years past that and he’s still throwing a leg over a bike as a professional racer. His current situation does have him off the bike, which we talk a lot about. He injured himself back in January of 2021 while riding in Florida and he’s had a lot of setbacks that he has had to overcome. The mental strength he’s showcased while working through his recovery is a subject I wanted to dive into. 

We have other fun conversations about offroad techniques that helped him in motocross, leveraging the front brake, and how Hard Enduro is his quality pleasure. It sounds like Sipes is on the road to recovery and he’ll be riding again soon. We can’t wait to see him back on the bike, showcasing his depth of skill from flat track to deep woods racing. Fingers crossed there’s also another ISDE in his future!

If you want to hear more from Ryan Sipes on mental fitness, listen to his latest Power of the Mind Podcast with Phil Smage.

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