In the world of Enduro’s in the United States, Russell Bobbitt is a household name. Even on the International Enduro Circuit; Russell Bobbitt could walk into a room filled with the world’s best and they would part ways for him to make it to the other side. I would imagine there are fathers out there, though they may not admit it, who have named their son after this man in hopes of moto glory. This fame though is not just because he is a great rider, it stems mainly from how nice of a guy he is and how much he gives back to the sport. It is no surprise then that he was named AMA’s 2011 Athlete of the Year; Congratulations Russ!

Russell Bobbitt is a southern boy from the woods of Georgia. He has been riding dirt bikes for the majority of his life and has won numerous National Enduro Titles. His love of two strokes is more of an obsession than a choice, and he’ll be representing the United States at the ISDE (International Six Day Enduro) this year in Germany. He continues to challenge himself, push his limits and push the sport.

It was a great time interviewing Russ and we thank him for his time. And a big thanks to Nick Fahringer and Geoff Braico for jumping in and saying hi. Also, remember to always Enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome!


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