Husaberg presents a fully revised model generation which, through the addition of another model, now offers at least one 2-stroke and one 4-stroke model in every competition class. Husaberg is PURE ENDURO.

With the completely new and extended model generation, Husaberg has truly arrived as a full-range manufacturer of enduro bikes. Husaberg is the only brand that solely focuses on Enduro, which is also clearly indicated by the new brand claim “PURE ENDURO”.

This clear focus on enduro ensures that every singe detail of the new models is designed for maximum rideability for Enduro competition, as well as for offroad adventures out in the wild.

The models

FE 250: The first 250 cc 4-stroke model from Husaberg. Swift, manoeuvrable and agile; the FE 250 may be small, but it is far from tame.

FE 350: A return to the Husaberg line-up; in 1991, the FE 350 was Husaberg`s second ever model. The perfect symbiosis of power, endurance and incredible agility.

FE 450: State-of-the-art 4-stroke technology, perfectly packaged in a light and manoeuvrable enduro chassis. The new, now again conventional engine alone saves an impressive 2 kg in weight. Thus, the FE 450 remains the easiest handling 450 cc enduro bike.

FE 501: The return of a legend. It all started at Husaberg in 1989 with the FE 501. The new FE 501 perfectly represents what Husaberg stands for: Ultimate rideability without compromise.

TE 125: Enduro can be this easy. The TE 125 is the perfect combination of maximum power and minimum weight in the smallest displacement class. The ultimate racing machine for the next generation of enduro riders.

TE 250: It doesn’t always have to be a 4-stroke in the E2 class; the TE 250 is the ultimate proof of that. With an even more lively power delivery, spiced-up performance and the completely new chassis, the TE 250 fears no challenger.

TE 300: With a further improved engine and the new chassis, the TE 300 is now even more powerful and more agile. With its unbeatable power-to-weight ratio, it is the ultimate extreme enduro bike, as proven most notably and in commanding style by Graham Jarvis.

The chassis

From the new frame and the second generation of the polyamide subframe to the new bodywork and new WP closed-cartridge fork with patented 4-chamber technology, no stone remains unturned when it comes to the chassis.

The new double-cradle central tube frame made from lightweight chrome-molybdenum steel profiles impresses with high torsional stiffness for precise cornering characteristics and high tracking stability and, at the same time, supports the rear suspension by absorbing energy created by rear wheel impacts thanks to decreased longitudinal stiffness.

The new subframe, made from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, now also used on the 2-stroke models, consists of three elements connected by bolts. This new construction ensures highest durability at minimal weight. In addition to the integration of numerous electrical components, the second generation of the polyamide subframe also has optimally positioned handles – that are perfectly protected from dirt – for easy manoeuvring of the bike under difficult conditions.

Ergonomics is everything when it comes to enduro riding. Thus, the new bikes boast a very slender seat and tank spoiler profile. The bodywork acts as an excellent point of contact between rider and machine and gives the new generation a unique, modern look.

With the new 4CS closed-cartridge fork from WP Suspension, Husaberg continues to claim their leadership when it comes to the quality of suspension and premium equipment. The new, patented 4-chamber technology ensures ultimate responsiveness and constant damping over the full suspension travel at a lower weight when compared to conventional closed-cartridge systems. In addition, the end-progression of the damping can be separately adjusted. The new fork also impresses with its user-friendliness because rebound as well as compression damping can be adjusted at the upper end of the fork legs.

Naturally, also all other components have been modified and further developed. Here’s a brief extract:

  • Each model has its own individually tuned and 7 mm longer WP PDS shock absorber for greater progression and better bottoming resistance
  • Cooling system with fan as standard for all 4-stroke models
  • High-quality aluminium silencers in accordance with the new FIM regulations (112 dB [A] at 2 metres max.)
  • Approx. 200 gram lighter wheels due to new aluminium spoke nipples
  • Modified triple clamp offset for the TE 250 and TE 300 models (20 mm instead of 22 mm) for even better cornering stability
  • New, approx. 300 gram lighter swingarm, with new pivot point for the shock absorber (5 mm closer to the centre).
  • Higher side profiles and optimised flexibility perfectly support the damping characteristics of the shock absorber and frame.
  • New airbox with optimised airflow; access and replacement of air filter remains possible within shortest time without using tools.
  • Transparent fuel tanks with increased capacity for the 4-stroke models (9.5 litres)
  • High-end brakes from Brembo, still the reference for offroad use
  • Plastic skid plate and handguards as standard for all models; the lower front part of the subframe acts as a frame protector.

The engines

All Husaberg engines, except for the unit of the TE 125, are equipped with reliable electric starters, which makes starting in tricky situations extremely easy. Furthermore, the 2-stroke TE 250 and TE 300 models also come with a kickstarter fitted as standard. Due to the exclusively positive experience with the previous generation of engines, the new 4-stroke models are supplied as standard without kickstarter, in order to maintain the overall weight as low as possible. However, the new 4-stroke machines provide the customer with the option to retrofit a kickstarter as required. A corresponding retrofit kit is available in the PURE TECH range of accessories.

The FE 250 and FE 350 are powered by extremely compact DOHC units, which distinguish themselves by their free-revving nature and smooth power delivery. As their bigger brothers, they are equipped with a Keihin fuel injection system with a 42 mm throttle body and integrated temperature and altitude compensation. The injection is, of course, individually set up for each displacement and, using the mapping switch from the PURE TECH range of accessories, provides the option to adjust the motor characteristics to the rider’s individual requirements.

The engine cases for the new 450/501 engine generation are manufactured – as they are on the FE 350 – using a high-pressure die casting process, resulting in significantly reduced wall thicknesses but with the same stability. Thus, together with the weight savings on the piston, connecting rod and balancer shaft, the weight of the engine could be reduced by a whole 2 kg. Due to this significant reduction in the rotating masses, the handling advantage of the previous 70° engine layout was able to be more than compensated for, and a conventional engine layout once again used, which also provides the following additional advantages:

  • more compact engine allows a more compact overall layout of the bike
  • simplified routing of the header pipe eliminates undesired heat input onto the tank and airbox
  • bigger airbox capacity
  • reduced intake noise
  • lower centre of gravity of the engine and bike

An overview of further improvements to the engines:

  • New, robust, approx. 250 gram lighter clutch with wear-free steel cage, integrated damping for less transmission wear and a new pre-load mechanism for easiest operation thanks to a diaphragm spring (FE 350/450/501, TE 250/300).
  • Significant reduction in the vibrations of the 4-stroke engines due to lower oscillating masses
    Optimised oil circuit with two oil pumps for the 4-stroke engines
  • An oil-cooled alternator with a capacity of 196 W provides a reliable power supply for the injection of the 4-stroke engines, as well as for the other electrical components.
  • Optimised cylinder heads, specially adapted for each displacement version, with titanium valves (FE 450/501: outlet valves made from steel)
  • New V-Force 4 reed valve block (TE 250/300) for smoother power delivery
  • Performance enhancement for the 2-stroke engines on account of the optimised intake snorkel combined with the new airbox

So that is the good news for the new 2013 Husaberg model generation. The bad news is that the new models will not be available at the dealers until September. To reduce the waiting time, all of the technical details can be studied on the Husaberg website ( or whet your appetite with amazing pictures on Husaberg’s Facebook page (