Team USA has slipped back to third, while the Australians put up quite a fight to take back second. The French continue to dominate.
Taylor Robert is back on top as the fastest American for the day. Mullins was looking to start overtaking Robert, but he seemed to have an off today. Kurt Caselli, whom all thought would be more towards the top, has worked his way up as the second fastest American for Day 4.

Daniel Milner is still the Fastest Aussie, but Josh Strang has started to show his sprint speed. Strang even won the last test, which should be a great boost to his confidence for the last day of Special Tests.

The French continue to place a minimum of three riders in the top ten, which keeps extending their lead over USA and the Aussies. Antoine Meo was the fastest rider on the day and Alex Salvini, from Italy, was second fastest.

Kailub Russell shows he has what it takes to compete at the top of the Junior class, finishing fifth on Day 4. Jesse Groemm was 19th, Andrew Delong 21st and Grant Baylor was 26th.

Ryan Sipes turned in the fastest Club time today and Ian Blythe was the fourth fastest Club rider. Congrats to those guys on riding no holds barred.