This past weekend was the last round of the TORO 2012-2013 Season. We went out with a bang, as the Redneck Roundup was an epic track and great venue to close out winter racing. The track was fast and flowy with multiple blue lines about every mile to keep the more technical riders thinking fast. This is the same property where Rednecks with Paychecks has been taking place. We even had a few of their ‘regulars’ out enjoying the racing.

My known trouble making partner, Cecil Parker, is out front, while the GoPro is attached to my helmet. There is a section in there where he gets away from me. I forgot about the blue line, that’s why I look like a lost puppy in the woods, I SWEAR! Hope you guys enjoy and that we have more opportunities to post some of our fantastic times.

Cecil Parker and Brian Pierce Helmet Camera at Redneck Roundup