Thanx to Adventure Moto in McKinney and Jason Raines Yamaha Demo program, we were able to get the 2015 KTM XC-F and the brand new 2015 YZ 250FX on the same trails. This new Yamaha 250FX is a long awaited competitor to the KTM 250XC-F. Knowing Yamaha, if they see this years sales and feedback as positive, we’ll see a 450FX in the very near future.

Both Woody and Jordon are offroad racers. This is where they started and this is where they have stayed. We at Seat Time wanted to approach this comparison with racing in mind. Which bike would be the best purchase off the showroom floor to head out and race on.

We address the 4 big additions to the 250F that created the 250 FX, electric start, 18″ rear wheel, specific offroad suspension and 6 speed transmission.

2015 KTM 250XC-F vs 2015 YZ 250FX

Huge thanx to Adventure Moto and Jason Raines for allowing this to happen for us. We really appreciate the opportunity. Please tune into our shows on Tuesday nights at 8pm cst on our website. Remember to always enjoy a Pint Full Of Awesome!