There are many ways to become a better dirt bike rider and most of them only focus on the times you’re physically on the bike. Today we’re going to talk about the factors off the bike that effect the times you’re on the bike. If you’re looking for a list video and need bullets points, continue on and read below.

Practice, don’t just Train

Riding your dirt bike is great training, but it’s not the best way to become a better rider. You need to make the time to work on the skills it takes to be a better rider.

Resistance Training

If you’re looking to be a better rider or racer, you need to work on your physical fitness off of the bike as well as on the bike. 3 days a week of resistance training will help you on and off the bike.


You need to fuel yourself properly if you’re wanting to be a better rider. This starts days before you go ride, not just two hours before you throw your leg over the bike.

Mental Fitness

Physical fitness isn’t the only area we need to train to be a better rider. We also need to train our mind. The struggle of staying focused while racing or riding is a disciple problem, not just a focus problem.

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