Whether you’re a seasoned enduro rider or a noob dirt bike enthusiast, you need to know what hard enduro parts are needed to protect your dirt bike investment. There are many ways to protect your dirt bike, but the main goal is to make sure if you ride it in, you can ride it back out. The protective parts we’re going through today are the ones that will be the most effective at keeping your bike running to get it back to the motovan.

There are many more thoughts on nice to have hard enduro equipment, as well as ways to bring our opinions into the conversation. Ask questions, pass along comments and voice your concerns. We’re here for the discussion, the coaching and the learning!

The sport of Hard Enduro is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more dirt bike riders are looking for challenging terrain over high speed singletrack. Though weaving between the trees is an amazing experience, sometimes slowing down to work on your skillset can feel more rewarding.

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