We have had some great responses to our 2013 KTM 300XC Photo Shoot that we released a week ago. One of the fun things about this project that wasn’t really talked about was all the filming that was done from start to finish. We really wanted to document the whole experience so that our viewers could get a better idea of how much went into the creation and production of the finished product. We also had a bit of fun that was specific to the video so it could stand on its own a bit.

The crew at SMS Racing really got involved when the bike was picked up, and hopefully the fun vibe we had going on really comes across. It was difficult to step away from being hands on at all times to film, but we did our best and tried to create something that can give a different vantage point to our photo shoot. If you haven’t seen the final pictures, please go check them out.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say, so please comment and let us know.